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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Floridians for Freedom is dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition in Florida. We have come to believe that good cannabis laws can only be created when cannabis is constitutionally legal. Special interest groups are fighting all legislative attempts to craft good policies and the conflict with federal laws colors every decision. Once the Florida Constitution protects the rights of free adults to possess, use and cultivate cannabis, we will have the proper foundation for the passage of laws governing public safety. 

More About Ending Prohibition

We know that ending cannabis prohibition won't solve all of our social problems, but it will allow us to end the prosecution of tens of thousands of adults each year This amendment stops corporate monopolies on cannabis cultivation, sets the stage for a robust regulated market and opens doors to therapeutic research.

An Amendment Answers the Question Once and For ALL

Once we pass this amendment, we remove all barriers to the plant for otherwise responsible adults. That means patients can use cannabis as a first option, not just a last resort. 

Since the 1970's states have experimented with cannabis policies. States like Ohio and Colorado decriminalized possession of small amounts decades ago. Indiana and Kentucky are planting hemp crops for the first time in over 80 years. This amendment settles the question of whether or not cannabis is legal.

Once legal, we can count on our lawmakers to spend decades fine tuning the policies to protect public safety. Patients who are suffering now don't have decades to wait. This amendment answers their need by allowing them to put a seed in the ground. 

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What About Patients?

Under current MMJ laws patients can’t use cannabis off label like other medicines. Our amendment allows patients to treat themselves by putting a seed in the ground without violating state law.

Recent events in medically legal states confirm that prosecutors will parse the wording in any medical cannabis law to allow them to keep arresting caregivers, even patients. Very few states with medical marijuana laws have protections to keep police from taking kids away from parents, denying public housing, firing patients, etc. The best solution is legalization.

Once the plant is legal, companies will find it easier, less expensive and safer to develop cannabis drugs and therapies.

What About the Children?

We socialize children to understand the benefits and harms of alcohol. Once this amendment passes, we can teach young people the value and harms of cannabis without the color of prohibition. 

Under the current market, no one is using child-proof containers and cannabis vendors certainly are not checking ID’s. Once cannabis is legal, then we can lobby our legislators to pass strict laws and heavy penalties for selling cannabis to minors.

If this passes, will plants be everywhere?

Absolutely not. Just like we regulate guns, alcohol or tobacco, lawmakers will regulate cannabis. Private property is just that - private; rental homes, apartment buildings, homeowners associations and government-owned land will only have cultivation if the owner doesn’t prohibit it in the lease.

Cannabis cultivation takes a special hand to do well. Although millions drink responsibly every month, very few brew their own beer or caste their own wine, even though both activities are perfectly legal for adults.


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